Replacement Scooter Parts

   Jonway 50cc Moped (50QT-21)


  Jonway 50cc Moped (4-stroke), Model YY50QT-21

50QT-21 Moped Muffler $85

50QT-21 Moped Upper Leg Shield (Black)   $49

50QT-21 Moped Black Plastic Lower Foot Guard $40

50QT-21 Moped Triple Tree $42

  50QT-21 Moped Front Fork Absorber set $62

50QT-21 Moped White/Red Front Side Panel  $24 each, $44 set

Moped 50QT-21   Front Cover Lower Plastic Cap (Black) $12 

 50QT-21 Moped Front Mud Guard (Black) $30

Head Light Cover (for QT50-21 Moped) $46

 50QT-21 Moped Center Connecting Plate (Red) $12

  Hand Protector set for 50QT-21 Moped $12

  50QT-21 Moped Headlight Grille  $10

50QT-21 Moped Rear Plastic Cover Left and Right $35/each $70/set

  50QT-21 Moped Rear Fender, Upper Section (Black) $27

50QT-21 Jon way 50cc Moped Parts(QT-21) pad upper Front  Cover (Red) $40

50QT-21 Moped Gages $50

Mirror set For QT50-21 Moped  $20 

  Air Filter Box (for 50QT-21 Moped)  $31

 Rear Rim for  QT50-21 Moped  (10 in, Drum brake style) $68

 Front Rim for QT50-21 Moped (10 in, Disc Brake style)  $68

 Kenda 3.5-10 Dot Moped Tire    $46

4-Stroke 38mm Competition Foam  Air Filter  $20

 GY6 CVT belt (669-18-30) $27  

Cheng Shin CST C922 3.5-10 Dot Moped Tire $46



 Max speed: 80km/h             Fuel Capacity: 4.20L       Starting System: Electric/Kick         Brake Type: Front Disc, Rear Drum brake    Tire: 3.50-10, 3.5-10     Battery:  12v, 7ah


 GY6 Kick Starter (Flat Pedal Version) $16

 13 inch Rear Shock (for QT-21 Moped (12 inch eye to eye measure ) $30

GY6 Brake Shoe (10.5 cm) $20

 GY6 Kick Starter (Round Pedal Version) $14

 Moped Front Disc Brake (for 50QT-21 Moped) $78

 50cc Moped Kick Stand $20

Moped/ATV/Dirt Bike Left Master Cylinder $20

Moped Right Master Cylinder With Lever and Mirror Holder $30

Moped 77 1/2 inch Rear Drum brake cable $16

Moped 50T-21 Gas Tank

Moped Fuel Level Sensor 3-wire (fit 50QT-21, 50QT-6)  $28

  Speedometer Drive for 50QT-21 Moped $20

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 GY6 50cc Gasket set $18

4-stroke Carburetor Bowl Gasket  for GY6 50cc and  GY6 125/150cc Carb $2 each

Wire Tie (30 set) $2, 300 set $14  

GY6 50cc Moped Horn $9

Moped Stock Fuel Filter  (In-Line) $2.50

 GY6 Fuel Valve $12  

Moped 50T-21 Lock Set $40

  Magneto Housing Holder Tool  (11.7cm diameter)

GY6 50cc Big Bore Kit (50cc upgrade to 110cc) Cylinder diameter: 51mm, valve diameter: 20mm, 23mm $250

 Socket Tool Set (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm)

 GY6 50cc Manifold  (27mm diameter rubber part, 16.5mm diameter metal intake)  $15 

GY6 50cc Carburetor w/electric choke $58 

 GY6 Mikuni Vac Fuel Pump (plastic) $22 

 Tire Popper Tool  $38

  Moped Orange Round Reflector $4

  Moped Left Lever for 50QT-21 Moped $8

  Moped Red Rectangle Reflector $4

4-Stroke  30 Degree  Foam Air Filter (38mm intake, Afro style) $20

Front Brake Pad set (for QT50-21 Moped) $9

 4-Stroke Performance Fuel Line (Yellow or Green) $8

 Electric Choke for GY6 50cc to 150cc Carburetors $19  

Keihin CVK Performance GY6 50cc Carburetor   $120 

Moped Trunk (Black) $45 (widest point=H10" W13" L13.5")

 GY6 50cc Head Bolt (176mm long) each $4

Universal CNC Mirror set (fits Moped, SuperBikes, ATVs) comes with 3 different tread screw set $79 


 GY6  50cc to 150cc Dipstick (8.2cm long) $8

GY6 50cc
Red Cooling Fan $20

 GY6 50cc Isolater  (17mm center hole, 45mm bolt spacing)  $3.50








50QT-21  Moped Rear Blinker (QT-21)

50QT-21 Moped Front  Blinker  

 Moped 50QT-21 Right Switch Assembly $

 Iridium Performance Spark Plug (CR8HIX) $17 

GY6 50cc Starter  $51

NGK Racking Cable (CR2) $29

GY6 Rectifier     $8

  Moped  Tail Light  (for QT50-21, QT150-28 Moped) $30

GY6 & Vertical motor Stock Ignition Coil  $30

 GY6 Stock Spark Plug 50cc to 150cc $2.50

 Jonway 50QT-21 50cc Moped  Wire Harness $44

Solenoid $1

GY6 AW Competition CDI (for GY6 50cc to 150cc Motor) $60

orange HP Ignition Coil for GY6 motors  50cc to 150cc motor $55

  QT50-21 Moped  Head Light $30

Battery Strap (6 Inch Long)  $2.50  

GY6 Motor Stock CDI  50cc $16

 4-Stroke Battery (12v,7AH )

 Moped 50QT-21 Left Switch Assembly $

4-Stroke Racing CDI (for GY6 50cc to 150cc Motor) $42

50cc Moped Rain/Sun Cover $18

GY6 50cc Air Box Assembly $34

 GY6 Solenoid

GY6 Relay (2-pin plug) $10

Moped U-Lock (Heavy Duty Stainless Steel) $24

 BA20D 12v, 35W Round Bulb  (2 contact style) $5

Jonway  Fork Neck/Bearings (Set of 6 - 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 39mm, 38mm, 31mm) $16

GY6 Billet Dip Stick (7.8cm) $20








 GY6 50cc Cylinder  Kit $65

 GY6 50cc Piston Rings set $12

 GY6 50cc Valve set $18

 GY6 50cc Clutch Drum (Bell) $20 

 GY6 50cc HP Clutch Drum (Bell) $49

GY6 50cc Piston Rebuilt Kit  $35

 GY6 50cc CamShaft (34 tooth) $26

  Koso GY6  50cc Racing Clutch Kit $95

 GY6 50cc CrankShaft (246mm Total Length) $59

 GY6 50cc Clutch Assembly $56

 GY6 50cc Valve Assembly $22

GY6 50cc Cylinder Block $45

  GY6 50cc Stock Variator (Pulley) $42

 GY6 50cc Timing Chain Guide set $8 

GY6 50cc Crank Bearing $8

 GY6 50cc Timing Chain 82 Links (10 inch long) $12

 GY6 50cc Kick Start Shaft (spindle)  $19

 GY6 50cc Cylinder Head Kit $63

 GY6 50cc Koso HP Pulley $40

 GY6 50cc HP Clutch Spring set (1000 RPM) $10

 GY6 50cc HP Clutch Spring set (2000 RPM) $10

GY6 50cc Performance Roller Weight set(5g, 6g, 7g, or 8g set)   $20 per set

GY6 50cc to 150cc 30.50mm Exhaust Gasket  $2

4-Stroke 30ft Heavy Duty Gas Hose $30

GY6 50cc Stock Foam Air Filter $6

Moped Chrome Mirror Set (8mm) $40

Moped Chrome Round Mirror Set (8mm) $28

ABS Upgrade
(10mm tread) $16

GY6 Mini 3-Way Remote Fuel Valve $13

GY6 Clutch Tool (Inside Diameter:32mm, OutSide Doameter:39mm) $16

 GY6  Moped Throttle cable (75 inch) $15

Moped 39 inch Speedometer cable $16

  4-Stroke Fuel Line  $1.40 per Foot 

GY6 50cc Cylinder Gasket Set $8

GY6 50cc Valve Cover Gasket $3

TreadLocker (Med Strength, 50 G

GY6 50cc Torque Spring
$18 each (1000 RPM, 1500 RPM or 2000 RPM)