Replacement Scooter Parts

Jonway 250cc Moped (YY250T) Replacement Parts


  Jonway 150cc Moped, Model YY250T

 Jonway YY250T Moped Shock $45

  Jonway YY250T stock muffler $89

 GY6  250cc YY250T Moped Throttle cable (72 inch, 90 degree end and 10 degree end) $15 

GY6 250cc Rectifier (Water Cooled Motor Moped)  $40

Jonway YY250T GY6 250cc Main Wire Harness  $54 

  Jonway YY250T GY6 250cc  Key/Lock set $50 

Jonway YY250T Moped Winshield $47

Jonway Rear Footpeg assembly set   $45

Cheng Shin CST  130/60-13 Dot Moped Tire    $58

 Jonway YY250 Moped   250cc  Front Wheel  Assembly (130/60-13) $145

 Jonway YY250 Moped   250cc  Rear Wheel Assembly (130/60-13)  $145 

Jonway YY250T Front Mud Guard (silver or Black)  $35

 Jonway YY250 AirBox   Assembly $55

 Jonway YY250T Moped Left  Switch Assembly $28

 Jonway YY250T Moped Right Switch Assembly $28

Moped 36 inch Speedometer cable (for Jonway YY250T 250cc moped) $18

Jonway YY250T 250cc Moped Brake Pad set (fits Front & Rear brake) $10

 Jonway YY250T Front Headlight Cover Body (silver or black)  $100

 GY6 250cc Head Bolt (195mm long) each $5

 Jonway YY250T Moped Brake Lever $14 each, $28 set

GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Moped CDI (Square plug version) $23

 YY250T Rear Fender $36

 YY250T Upper Rear  Panel (Left) $75

YY250T Upper Rear Side Panel (Right) $75

YY250T Air Box Snorkel $20

YY250T Lower Rear Panel (Left) $60


YY250T Lower Rear Panel (Right) $60

 YY250T Top Gage Cover $20

YY250T  Gage Cover $25

YY250T Handle Bar Cover $22

YY250T Engine Mount $42

YY250T Triple tree $56

Moped Right Master Cylinder With Lever and Mirror Holder $30



Maximum Speed :120Km/h         Fuel Capacity  10L       Brake Type : Front Disc, Rear Disc    Engine Type : 4-stroke, Single cylinder, water  cooled 250cc motor.       Tire size:  130/60-13, 130/60-13   Battery:  12V/9ah       Starting System  Electric


 GY6 250cc Carburetor  $120

GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Moped CDI (rounded plug version) $23 

 GY6 250cc Crankshaft (295mm total length) $100 

 Jonway YY250T TailLight Assembly $50

Jonway YY250T Windshield Holder Panel (silver or Black) $39

Universal CNC Mirror set (fits Moped, SuperBikes, ATVs) comes with 3 different tread screw set $79 

 Jonway YY250T Moped Mirror set (all Black or Black with silver) $29

 Jonway YY250T Rear Brake Assembly $90    

Moped/ATV/Dirt Bike Left Master Cylinder $20

 Jonway YY250T 250cc Headlight Set  $90 (Left or Right $50)

GY6 250cc Gasket set (fit Honda GY6 250cc water cool motor) $20

 Jonway YY250T Front Brake Assembly $88

Jonway YY250T Complete gas tank w/sensors

Jonway YY250T 250cc Moped Seat $89

 GY6 250cc Water Cooled Complete Motor with Carburetor (Jonway brand)  $999

YY250T Rear Mud Guard $29

YY250T Coolant Bottle $20

YY250T Front Shock Absorber  set $80

YY250T Gages $80

Jonway YY250T Trunk Rack (black or Silver) $46

YY250T Engine/Wheel Bracket $53

Jonway YY250T License Plat Holder $30

YY250T Handle Bar w/ Mount $40

YY250T Turn Signal Left or Right $25, both $50

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GY6 250cc Right Crank Case Cover (CF Brand Motor) $66

 GY6 250cc Valve set  (30.5mm diameter Lg valve, 26.5mm Diameter Sm Valve) $20

 GY6 250cc Timing Chain Guide set $14

 18-Coil Stator (GY6 250cc Water Motor) $58

 GY6 250cc Racing CDI (for water cooled motor) $52

 Tire Popper Tool  $38

 4-Stroke Performance Fuel Line (Yellow or Green) $8

Wire Tie (30 set) $2, 300 set $14  

Moped Stock Fuel Filter $2.50  

 GY6 250cc Camshaft  $45

TreadLocker (Med Strength, 50 Gram 

 Moped Disc Rotor Lock w/Alarm $30  

GY6 250cc Manifold  $12

 GY6 250cc Water Cooled Motor Piston Ring set $23

 GY6 250cc Clutch Assembly  $110 

GY6 250cc  Oil Pump  $35

 GY6 250cc Water Motor Starter $71

 GY6 250cc Complete Variator  $75

 GY6 250cc Head Kit (for water cooled moped motor)  $120

 GY6 250cc Timing Chain   (12 inch long) $14

 GY6 250cc Cylinder Rebuilt Kit  $120

GY6 250cc Crank Bearing (for Moped water cooled motor) $12

 GY6 250cc Ignition Coil (Water cooled motor) $30

GY6 250cc Piston Rebuilt Kit   $50  

 GY6 250cc Water Pump Assembly $30 

 GY6 250cc Stock Spark Plug  $4.50

GY6 250cc Thermostat Assembly $31

4-Stroke 30ft Heavy Duty Gas Hose $30

Moped Chrome Mirror Set (8mm) $40

Moped Chrome Round Mirror Set (8mm) $28

ABS Upgrade
(10mm tread) $16

 GY6 125cc to 250cc Vacuum Fuel Pump (stock)  $30

 GY6 Solenoid  $14

GY6 Relay (2-Pin Plug) $10

 GY6 250cc Radiator w/Fan, Fan bracket (square version)  $120

 GY6 250cc Radiator (square version)  $90

GY6 250cc Air Canister $20

Moped U-Lock (Heavy Duty Stainless Steel) $24

Jonway Fork Neck/Bearings (Set of 6 - 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 39mm, 38mm, 31mm) $16

GY6 Billet Dip Stick (7.8cm) $20

4-Stroke 30 Degree Carbon Fiber Paint Air Filter (48mm intake) fits GY6 250cc motor    $20

 4-Stroke Battery (12v,9AH) $42 

Moped Large Fork Neck Bearing (Set of 7) OD:40mm, ID:22mm $20

Radiator Temp Sensor for 125cc to 250cc motors (16mm tread) $16

  4-Stroke Fuel Line  $1.40 per Foot

GY6 250cc Gear Box Cover (for CF 250 Brand Motor) $40

GY6 250cc Right Crank Case Assembly (for CF-250 Brand Motor) $74

GY6 250cc Left Crank Case Assembly (for CF-250 Brand Motor) $134